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Health Consultation - Over the phone

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Health Consultation - Over the phone

Health maintenance is important in pursuit of optimum health and preventing possible illness or disease. Daily, we are constantly being poisoned through our water, air and food sources, so we must ask ourselves, “What do we do?” Being proactive regarding our health should be mandatory, just like any thing else that we deem as being a high priority. Unfortunately, most people are either too caught up in the fast paced race of life or they come up with excuses. We maintenance our vehicles several times a year. For example, changing the oil, getting a tune-up or even washing and cleaning the exterior and interior. Many people don't take the same care and concern as it relates to their own health and well-being. Fortunately, we have options, Baheru Meniooh, studied directly with Dogon High Spiritual priest Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, up until his untimely death in 2008. Since then, Baheru has continued to hone his craft in the realm of “natural or alternative” traditional healing. A Traditional Health Consultation is the perfect way to gauge where you are health wise, you are never to healthy to get one. It is suggested to get a Traditional Health Consultation once a year, regardless if you consider yourself to be semi-healthy or healthy. Heal yourself the way nature intended, the natural way!

The goal

A Traditional Health Consultation allows a healer to track and gauge the progress of a person's current health status. It also allows you to manage or prevent future potential health issues, improve life while attempting to extend your life for as long as possible. Healers will share and teach preventive measures as seen fit, that can encourage a more proactive and positive approach to the prevention, treatment and management of current or lingering health concerns. The overall goal of a healer is to “bring an imbalance to balance, while preserving life.”

Early detection

Early detection can increase your chance of survival and it allows the healer to better manage, maintain or even prevent health issues. Prevention is always better than the cure. Early detection gives any person a chance at repairing the imbalances in the body, with the goal of extending, protecting and preserving your life.

Refer someone

A Traditional Health Consultation can be beneficial to everyone, a friend that shares is a friend that care’s. Remember to refer a friend, relative, colleague or associate and receive a discount on any of our “Earth Health” formulas or our hand-crafted skin care products.

Importance of honesty

With a Traditional Health Consultation patients are expected to be totally honest and truthful. This is vital if we are going to work together on improving the overall health and well-being of the patient. Total transparency can be the difference in life and death, improvement or decline in health. No matter how “embarrassed” or “ashamed” the patient may be honesty is ALWAYS the best policy! Keep in mind the healer is ONLY here to assist in the process, not judge!

How to schedule appointment?

There are two ways in which patients can initiate a Traditional Health Consultation. A patient can set an appointment for an “in person health consultation” or an “over the phone health consultation.” A consultation could be as short as 30 minutes and in some cases could take up to two hours or more. Every situation is different. Call for details.

Relationship building

It is very important to keep in mind the importance of building and nurturing a relationship between the healer and patient. It is necessary that a patient feels comfortable interacting with the healer so they are more likely to follow the specified treatment protocol. The patient is expected to stick to necessary succeeding follow-up  consultations (if needed) and stay open minded about the process.

What we offer

Our diverse supply of herbal health remedies consist of some of the purest and most potent herbs, plants and roots available to man kind. Our "level 1" herbal products require a Traditional Health Consultation and are usually for more serious health concerns. Our current "level 2" herbal products are; Blood + Lymphatic Cleanser, Kidney Cleanser + Bladder & Adrenals, Liver Cleanser + Spleen & Gallbladder, Herbal Energizer - Fatigue & Migraine Headaches Cellular Remineralizer, 9x Roasted Purple Bamboo Salt, and Reishi Spore OilOur "level 2" herbal products can be purchased without a Traditional Health Consultation. 

Disclaimer "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease."